Lookout Records 1997 Catalog

Here is a scan of Lookout Records' printed catalog from 1997 (but be warned, the file is pretty large), though it was mostly done in 1996.

This catalog was kind of a big project for the time. After deciding that our extensive catalog of releases and band and label merchandise would no longer fit on the back of a poster, we opted for a newsprint fanzine-style format and ended up with a 44-page behemoth.

The cover features a whole scene with Lookout mascots Willie Beaver, Cheesy Badger and General Grizzly joining Heidi and Pailey and includes a depiction of the Lookout Records offices, Recordshop (on University Ave in Berkeley) and staff circa 96-97 - Larry on the roof; Cathy, Patrick, Xandy, Chris I, Molly, Chris A and Utrillo on the third floor; a humorous - and fictional - depiction of the therapists on the second floor of the building; and on the ground level is Rop (behind the falling tree), Erika and Tim.

Download the 1997 Lookout Records Catalog